Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay my membership dues or other outstanding charges on my account?

A: Please visit our payment information page for instructions.

Q: Are the Herndon Swim Club and Herndon Recreation Inc. the same thing?

A: Our pool is private swim club, owned by Herndon Recreation Inc. (HRI), a corporation founded in 1965. Although the corporate name remains Herndon Recreation Inc., many people confused us with a municipal facility, so we are now called Herndon Swim Club on our signs and elsewhere.

Q: Is the Herndon Swim Club a public facility associated with the Town of Herndon?

A: No, the Herndon Swim Club is a private recreational facility requiring a membership and is not a public facility owned or operated by the Town of Herndon.

Q: Can non-members use your pool or take swimming lessons there? What about swim team?

A: Our corporate structure is such that members join and pay an annual fee to use the pool.  Members may use guest passes to bring guests to the pool. Only members can participate in swim team but non-members can participate in group swim lessons, water aerobics classes and other special events for a fee.

Q: I’m not sure I want to join the pool yet, are day passes or free trials available?

A: Day passes and free trials are not available. If you would like to tour the facility, please contact and one of our board members would be happy to provide a tour. If you know a current member of the pool, you can request that they escort you as a guest.

Q: What is the difference between a Stockholder and an Associate.

A: As of 2013 an Associate is a “no strings attached” membership. The annual dues are higher for Associates and they cannot serve on our board of directors or vote in corporate matters. They retain all other membership privileges including participation in swim team and other events at the pool.

Stockholders (otherwise referred to as shareholders)  are members who have officially purchased stock in Herndon Recreation, Inc. Their annual dues are lower and they are able to serve on board of directors and vote in corporate matters.

Q: Do I have to live in the Town of Herndon or belong to a particular Home Owners Association (HOA) to join?

A: No, the pool does not have any residency requirements for membership.

Q: I have a child/children who want to be on the swim team, do we have to be members of the pool?

A: Yes, participation on the swim team requires membership to the pool. This is a requirement by the swim league that the Herndon Hammerheads compete in (NVSL). Since minors cannot join as single members, the interested swimmer must join with a parent as a double membership or join as a family membership.

Q: How do I become a shareholder?

A: To become a shareholder you can purchase stock from our corporation for $375 or purchase stock from an existing stock holder.  There is a $40 transfer fee for stock purchased from other shareholders.

Q: Where can I find shares for sale from members?

A: The corporation does not have an official procedure for monitoring existing stockholders who would ike to sell their shares however by contacting the membership director (, they may know of shareholders who are looking to sell their shares.

Q:How do I transfer stock to someone else?

A: 1. Send a letter stating that you would like to transfer your stock. Include info about who you are transferring stock to (name, phone, address). The letter must be signed by all who are listed on the original stock certificate..


2.Complete the back of the stock certificate and sign it and include with your letter and mail with $40 to Herndon Swim Club, PO Box 295, Herndon Va. 20172.

3. Once your request and fee are received, we will issue a new stock certificate to the names/address listed in the letter.

Q. What if I cant find my stock certificate and want to transfer my shares?

A. E-mail to request the stock certificate # and confirm the names listed on it. Once you have this info., send a letter and $40 fee to the address above with the info listed above.

Q: How much do shares cost if I purchase them from an existing shareholder?

A: The price is negotiated between the buyer and seller of the shares. HRI -Herndon Swim Club does not get involved in these transactions other than to help transfer the stock certificate.

Q: If I buy stock, do I need to pay dues also?

A: Yes, you need to pay annual dues as well, but those dues are lower. You can make up the cost of the shares in a few years.

Q: Do you sell food?

A: Currently we sell ice cream, chips, sodas and other snacks. Members may bring food or order pizzas and enjoy them at our picnic tables. Fairfax County Health codes do not permit food consumtion on the pool deck. We take cash or checks for concessions at the guard shack.

Q. What are your guest fees?

1 guest is $6.   Pay as you go.

5 guests is $21. This is 1 punch card.

20 guests is $62  This is 4 punch cards.
Pay via cash or check or venmo at the pool. Punch cards may be obtained from the lifeguards.