Board of Directors' Activity

The Board of Directors for Herndon Swim Club (HRI,Inc. is comprised of 9 board members who follow the pool’s by-laws and organize and manage the pool. All board members must be stock holder members, are voted on each year and generally serve a 3 year term or longer.

Herndon Recreation Board of Directors:

Joanne Lyons

Chase McClough
Vice President

Jerry Aschenbrenner

Alison Baez

Dan French

Ani Bland

Jaime Graham
Personnel Director

Board Meeting Schedule

The board meets once a month based on board member availability at locations that vary. Each January there is an open meeting where stock holder members may attend and voice questions or concerns.

  • Agenda:  The agenda for each meeting is comprised of officer reports, new business and old business and action items based on the time of year and the needs of the pool.


Meeting Minutes

Board minutes are available for members, please send email to with your name and the meeting month for which you want minutes.

Special Interest Committees

In addition to the board, there are various committees that assist with managing the pool. These Committees are open to any member who would like to join and help out.


Chuck Phipps
John McMonigle

Chris Hall

Kevin Keane

Leland Ewers

Dan French
Chase McClough
Membership and Marketing
Fund Raising/Social Events
Jill Vinson

Ron Graham

Swim Team Reps