Covid-19 Update

Check here for the lastest updates regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic and how it affects our pool policies.

***If you have a cough, are sneezing, have a fever or feel sick-PLEASE STAY HOME***
June 13, 2020-Phase 2:
Phase 2:
      • Sign Up Genius– There will be 5 “Sign-Up Genius” lanes and 1 “Drop-In” lane. Members may sign up for one hour time slots to swim laps. 
      • Families are encouraged to combine and use one lane. 
      • Up to 3 unrelated swimmers may share a lane- please combine if you can but please be considerate of the members swimming laps in a lane.
      • Members are welcome to come to the pool to relax on the deck or grassy areas whenever they would like. We will allow up to 40 people at the pool at a time.
      • Members may bring food to the pool but NO GLASS.
      • Members are to wear masks when they are within 6 feet of any guards or other pool members not in their immediate family or circle of trust. Masks should not be worn in the water so social distancing in the water is important.
      • Members will be asked to take a “Wellness Check” on-line and show guards when arriving to pool Occupational Health Employee Screening Tool – Sparrow Health System  If unable to access, the guards will ask 3 “Wellness Check” questions upon arrival.
      • Members may enter and exit through the Main Gate-
      • There will be NO sign-in (please verbally announce yourself to “check-in” guard w/your member number)
      • There will be NO concessions, ice cream, noodles, floaties at this time (you may bring your own)
      • There will be NO guests at this time.
      • Guards will not handle money or checks-please mail your payments to the PO Box 295, Herndon, Va. 20170
      • Bathrooms are to be used by one person/family at a time
      • Bathrooms will be cleaned/wiped down every hour 
      • The baby pool will not be open in Phase 2.
      • Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult
      • Members may call the pool to cancel or check and see if there is availability. The number is 703-707-0726.
      • As a courtesy, please alert pool board if you or a family member is diagnosed with Covid-19 and have been to the pool in the last 48 hours.
    ***If you have a cough, are sneezing, have a fever or feel sick-PLEASE STAY HOME***
    ***Policies subject to change as new information/ guidance for pools become available***
Plans for Phase 3 -Starting July 3, 2020
  • Facility Capacity-50
  • General- Facility Check-in, cleaning and rules- Continued from Phase 2
  • Big Pool:
    • 11-3 PM– 6 lanes- Sign Up Genius sign ups continued (5 “sign-up” lanes and 1 “drop-in” lane)
    • Reminder- one family/lane once per day (since we are reducing the times for lane reservations, we need to make sure all have an opportunity to reserve a lane once per day.
    • There can up to 6  family members in a lane or 3 “un-related” in a lane
    • Lane swimming includes lap swimming, walking, water aerobics, playing, floating etc.
    • 3-8 PM– Pool is open for free play and lap swimming: 2 lap lanes for “drop-in” and the rest of the pool open
    • The pool will be divided between the shallow end and the deep end as usual
    • No more than ~10 in deep end/ ~10 in shallow end
    • Diving Board will be available only on weekends-Fri. PM- Sunday PM
    • Social distancing must be adhered to in the pool
  • Baby Pool:
    • 11- 3 PM- Sign up Genius- 1 family/hour
    • As a courtesy, please pack up and leave in a timely manner so the next family may use the baby pool on time.
    • 3-8 PM- Open- no more than 6 children in the pool
    • Please continue social distancing
    • Reminder-Baby pool is only for kids under age 6 and children must be closely monitored by an adult. The baby pool is NOT monitored by the lifeguards